Silvia Out There

Out There was created by my motivation to share my internal and external journeys. It aims to reveal the richness of the interior of Portugal and other lesser-known corners of the world while delving into adventures about the fascinating inner world of the human being.

I am a chronic traveler, a long-time meditator, and a facilitator of journey of self and external discovery. I often travel alone out of the need for personal challenge, deeper connection with myself, and with the communities and places I visit.

With the Out There project, I materialize the dream of sharing my experience through trips to destinations outside of mass tourism combined with invitations to explore our inner world, guided by contemplative practices of mindfulness and connection through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I am a collector and storyteller of people’s stories, places, and everything that awakens my senses.

I am a nomad. For me, home is not a physical place; it is a feeling that I carry with me. I easily find home in places, people, and moments.

More about me here.